Thursday, March 22, 2007

Science Analogy / Song Lover / SDG on Japa

Notes on Jayananda Prabhu’s class on SB 1.6.18:

Mass spectrometry is used to identify the chemicals in a rock by bouncing X-rays off it. By observing how the X-rays are reflected, we can understand what the chemicals present are. In the same way, by observing this world, which is a reflection of the spiritual world, we can get some insight into the spiritual world.

The Greek Orthodox church emphasized jnana (knowledge), while the Roman Catholic church stressed good works.

Krishna Lunch:

One girl sat on the ground in front of our chanting party to eat her lunch. Purusharta Prabhu suggested that she sit on the blanket next to us, but she replied that she preferred to sit in front of us so she could watch us sing. Before she left, I mentioned that we have singing at our temple in the evenings, and that we could teach her the words to the song and how to play the different instruments. She said that she was intimidated by the musical instruments, but she liked to sing. She said she was busy this week, but next week, if her schedule permitted, she would come by.

Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami conference call:

Notes on his reading of a relevant section from Japa Walks, Japa Talks:

We should not despair in our attempts to chant that our mind wanders. Never give up chanting. When we preach we turn away from ourselves and are saved from wallowing in our own situation. We should not feel too bad about our desire to get our rounds done. It is a sign of responsibility.