Friday, March 23, 2007

Issues With God / Enchanting Chant / Rainbow Rap

Notes on Ekendra Prabhu's class on SB 1.6.19:

Most of us are so demanding in our relationship with God that if we were as demanding with our parents and friends they would become disgusted with us.

Our desires to control the outcome of events and to have all our desires fulfilled are manifestations of our false desire to be God.

Once when Ekendra was having difficulty in marriage, he read a book he highly recommended called Divorce Is Not the Answer by George Pransky. The author makes the point that in the beginning of relationships we see our differences as interesting attractions but when familiarity breeds contempt, they become sources of great distress. He advised that we try again to see the novelty of the differences and not see them as points of contention.

Krishna Lunch:

A young mother and her well behaved son and daughter watched our bhajan group attentively for ten or fifteen minutes and then inquired from Adi Karta Prabhu about our religion.


I saw more of my old harinama friends at this Friday nights' harinama. I was happy to hear from Kesava Prabhu how they had distributed four or five buckets of both kitri and halava at the Ocala Regional Rainbow Gathering, and many people were appreciative. He was glad I had emailed him from Mayapur reminding him of the event. Seeing Eli, now Nitai Prabhu, the national Krishna Rainbow Gathering organizer, who was on pilgrimage in Mayapur, had made me recall the upcoming Florida event.