Sunday, October 22, 2006

Niranjana Swami's Sunday feast lecture

Although God is the supreme controller, He takes pleasure being controlled by His devotee. This is hard for one who is not a devotee to understand, but anyone who desires to understand will be able to understand.
It is not possible to be without desires. To desire to be in a state of desirelessness is also a desire. One who desires only devotional service is peaceful because he is without material desires. Because the devotee does not want anything from the Lord, the Lord gives Himself to the devotee. "If you want me to be your boy and chastise me with your stick, I will be afraid of your stick. I will really be afraid." The devotees can understand the pastimes because they can understand the power of love. Krishna does not enjoy by exploiting His servants, as goes on in the material world. Krishna enjoys by serving his devotees. Sometimes Krishna even cries out of love of his devotees. Krishna has the desire that all people love Him, although he is satisfied in himself. Thus love is most powerful because it can even control God. Krishna is easily obtainable by spontaneous devotional service. If we understand the holy name is Krishna, then we can easily have His association and there is nothing more valuable.
Q: What doesn't Krishna fulfill the desires of those who want to cease to exist?
A: Because the living entities are part of Krishna, they can not cease to exist.
The realization that there is no difference between Krishna and His name is the highest realization.